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Keene Mill Elementary

Burke, VA

Additions and Renovations
24,000 sf New 65,000 sf renovations
740 Students Grades K-6

Although the Keene Mill Elementary School has been serving the adjacent stable neighborhoods since the early 1960’s, a changing demographic and additions of special programs will continue to increase the student population. Inadequate facilities, parking, bus space and access are hampering the school’s mission.  Precious little space was available to expand the building without extensive site re-grading.

The one remaining piece of level ground was enlisted to house the additional space required to replace the music room trailers, provide two art classrooms and expand the library. Stacking the seven full size classrooms and three smaller classrooms on a second story above freed up sight area to develop a bus loop and much needed additional parking. Kiss and ride automobile stacking traffic will be moved off the adjacent neighborhood street and back on to the school with new long drop off and pick up stacking lanes.

New technology and building systems will transform the existing school during the complete reconfiguration and renovation. The low dark entry and crowded undersized office tucked into one corner of the building will be completely changed to a high light-filled entry and modern administrative suite layout partially housed in an addition on the front center of the existing school, the actual and symbolic center of the school.

An energy conserving exterior, replaced windows, efficient water source heap pumps and LED lighting contribute to the conserving design and upgrades, allowing conformance to the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (VA-CHPS) criteria.