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LEED & Sustainablity

Whether officially registered or designed to the green criteria of LEED, Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS), or EnergyStar, Stanmyre+Noel is committed to bringing as much sustainable design as possible into all our projects. We continue to practice traditionally accepted methods of building orientation, siting and construction for energy conservation, and incorporate energy, material, and resource conservation into all projects.

Our LEED accredited professionals meet regularly with manufacturers and trade representatives to stay abreast of current practices and products with regard to safety of materials, responsible manufacturing methods, sustainable sources, recycled content and potential for future recycling potential.

We research appropriate new materials, technologies and practices that are applicable to projects in the design phase. 

We promote these new materials, technologies and practices to our clients and incorporate them wherever possible.

We incorporate, wherever possible, daylighting and natural ventilation. We study and specify up-to-date lighting sources and technologies for efficiency, comfort, and productivity.


Student Quarters, Phases 1 thru 4, The Basic School Quantico Marine Corps Base, Virginia
Four new buildings designed as replacement dormitory buildings as part of a redeveloped campus for Marine Corps students at The Basic School in the Camp Barrett section of the base. Each building provides 100 to 124 modules shared by two personnel.

The first phase building was certified LEED Rated. The second and third phase dormitories were certified LEED Silver, and the fourth is under review for LEED Silver under Version 2.2 of the LEED Green Building Rating System for New Construction.

Our work for Fairfax County Public Schools allows us to design schools to the Virginia Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) criteria. Features such as an augmented thermal envelope, highly efficient mechanical systems and energy efficient LED lighting are incorporated into our latest school design on the Keene Mill Elementary School Renovations and Additions.

Bachelors Enlisted Quarters, Marine Corps Base Quantico, VA
Two new 3 story dormitory buildings designed to LEED Bronze rating standards. Building design matches others buildings within the historic quadrangle. The design of these two buildings also includes an energy reclaim system, preheating or pre-cooling incoming ventilation air, exchanging energy with the exhaust air.

Stanmyre+Noel conducted a LEED review of the Fisher House affordable housing project in Arlington County, earning points toward VHDA tax credits. Fisher House was among the elite few to meet the qualifications for the VHDA non-profit pool.

Green Roof, Emory Building – National Imagery and Mapping Agency, Washington DC
Stanmyre+Noel researched, detailed and specified for construct documents for an extensively planted “Living Roof” replacement roofing system.